05 Jul 2017

Simon Lichtenberg (@SimLichtenberg) | Twitter

Simon Lichtenberg (@SimLichtenberg) | Twitter

The Business of simon lichtenberg

All over the world more businesspeople are starting to make names for themselves. simon lichtenberg (Visiter le profil Twitter.com sur simon lichtenberg) has remained diligent despite the mistakes he's made in running his business; he has survived the obstacles and has become one of the best businessmen today. All businesses experience some challenges, and these are to be conquer to be successful. Producing yearly profits of up to $2.5 million, thanks to the acquisition of direct clients (such as IKEA) from around the world, Simon Lichtenberg’s business became international.

Simon Lichtenberg - Succeeding in China

Simon Lichtenberg franchised BoConcept in 1993 and supplied stylish home furniture in Shanghai, China. The Magnolia Silver Award was given to him, who became a part of the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, China. He was additionally appointed Director of Shanghai Minhang Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment. Being incredibly passionate to create his own business in China, Simon Lichtenberg eventually did just that. China is a country that appears to ensure positive results in whatever project that is pursued. Because of this, many businessmen enjoy establishing their business there.

The Educational Background of Simon Lichtenberg

Education is the framework for getting great things; it makes you stronger and much more efficient at resolving any issues that develop. Pretty much all efficient entrepreneurs are high flyers educationally; this implies that a solid education, alongside perseverance, is required for realising one's dreams. Deemed a leader in worldwide business circles, Simon Lichtenberg has led by example through his educational pursuits with which he has accomplished great things.

Simon Lichtenberg’s "Downfalls"

Despite the fact that Simon Lichtenberg is now rather successful, his journey has not been easy at times. He wouldn't have ended up where he finds himself today without the motto: “Never give up.” Growing into a strong person is made possible by confronting difficulties, rather than ignoring them. He has become a success thanks to him handling difficulties he has encountered with extraordinary tenacity. After a legal battle over a payment dispute after the Zhenjing Leather Factory sold him defective products, Simon Lichtenberg was given another chance to overcome adversity.